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    LOCATION: Palmer House Hilton, 17 E. Monroe St., Grand Ballroom
    REGISTRATION: 9:300 am, Upper Exhibition Hall, between the 3rd & 4th floors
    REHEARSAL: 10:00 am, same
    NOTE: Please use gig bag and leave instrument case in car/bus. Bring folding music stand/lyre, chairs will be provided. Dress in bright festive colors and if desired decorate your instrument. Participant registration fee is $10.00. ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS AND AUDIENCE: all rooms must be vacated and cleared of personal belongings after the performance. Also only performing participants allowed in rehearsal area. NO EXCEPTIONS! There will be a holding room for early arriving guests, THE RED LACQUER BALLROOM. Family members and other audience attendees will be directed to be seated there prior to the doors opening to the State Ballroom for the Concert. Further, once the State Ballroom reaches its allowed capacity, the RED LACQUER BALLROOM will be used for audience overflow. Guests there will be able to hear and see the Concert on a large screen. Doors will not open to the event venue until hour before the scheduled event time. - Lining up will not be allowed on the 4th floor foyer area prior to 45 minutes before the event. Please plan to arrive early to retrieve a colored wristband at the check in desk on the 4th floor. Each colored wristband will be associated with the time you arrived to pick up the wristband. Guests will be notified at the time the wristband is picked up to report back to the 4th floor foyer area 45 minutes before the event to line up in your designated line. Your wristband ensures your spot in line to enter the ballroom, so you will not be required to line up until 45 minutes before the event. Each line will be allowed to enter the ballroom based on your colored wristband, signifying the time in which you came to pick them up. Guests who retrieved wristbands first will be allowed to enter the Grand/State Ballroom first. For your safety, once the Grand/State ballroom reaches max capacity/or all wristbands have been distributed, guests will be directed to the overflow ballroom (Red Lacquer Room). The overflow room will have the concert live on a TV screen for all guests to enjoy. If guests do not pick up a wristband prior to the event, they will not be allowed to enter the ballroom until all wrist banded guests have entered (depending on room occupancy) Please be considerate and follow the guidance of the Palmer House security personnel. We respectfully ask the audience to donate a non-perishable food item which will be distributed to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
    CONDUCTOR: Colonel Bryan Shelburne, Commander U.S. Army Band, (retired)
    COORDINATORS: TubaChristmas-HolidayTubas Thomas Phillips 812-824-8833, Dr. Bernard Dobroski , Gene Pokorny , Brian Frederiksen 847-223-4586
    WEB SITE: TubaChristmas.com

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