Music for Tuba and Euphonium by Norlan Bewley


Cinnamon Downs  - 4 part w/ Harp + score 


Santa Wants a Tuba for Christmas - 6 part 


    Optional rhythm and vocal


Octubafest Song - 4 part 


    Optional rhythm and vocal


Runabout - 4 part


Pinata - 3 part


Rich Tradition - 6 part + score


    Optional rhythm



SHEET MUSIC - SOLO TUBA (includes scores)

Santa Wants a Tuba for Christmas
     Solo w/ vocal, tuba/euph quartet & rhythm  $27.00
     Solo w/ choir and piano  $17.00
     Additional choir parts  $3.00
     Solo w/ vocal and band  $32.00
     Solo w/ vocal and orchestra  $32.00



Amazing Grace - Solo for each instrument $22.00
USA National Anthem $22.00
Santa Wants a Tuba for Christmas $22.00


SHEET MUSIC - OCTUBAFEST® MUSIC (2 Euph, 2 Tuba + score)

The Octubafest Song $17.00
Old Comrades March $14.00
Under the Double Eagle March $14.00
Colonel Bogey March $14.00
The Polka March $17.00
The Instrumentalist March $17.00
Just Do It March $17.00
There is a Tavern in the Town $12.00
In Heaven There is no Beer $12.00
In Ein Hofbrau Haus/Augustin/Du, Du, Liegst Mir im Herzen $12.00
Ein Prosit $6.00
The Clarinet Polka $12.00
The Pizzacato Polka - J. Strauss $12.00
The Tritsch Tratsch Polka - J. Strauss $12.00
The Barbara/Helena Polkas $12.00
The Heel and Toe/Jenny Lind Polkas $12.00
The Red Raven Polka $12.00
The Red Wing Polka $12.00
The Tinker Polka $12.00
Peanuts Polka $14.00
El Tuba $14.00
The Mexican Hat Dance $12.00
La Cucaracha $10.00
Famous Waltzes of the Opera and Ballet $17.00
Stauss Waltzes $17.00


OCTUBAFEST BOOKS (Contain all above OCTUBAFEST music)

All OCTUBAFEST music is four part 2+2.
Euphonium 1 $37.00
Euphonium 2 $37.00
Tuba 1 $37.00
Tuba 2 $37.00
Baritone 1 (Treble Clef) $37.00
Baritone 2 (Treble Clef) $37.00
Scores $72.00

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NORLAN BEWLEYS’ special skills as composer, arranger and orchestrator prompted his editing the Alec Wilder's nineteen arrangements of traditional Christmas carols, and adding another thirteen contrasting Christmas songs creating CAROLS FOR  A MERRY TUBACHRISTMAS.  This book of Christmas music is used at all TUBACHRISTMAS performances. Norlan Bewley's “Santa Wants A Tuba For Christmas”, the first new Christmas song in years, is destined to become a Christmas classic.  NORLAN BEWLEY is founder of such unique ensembles as UPBEAT BRASS and the TUBASHOP QUARTET.  His arrangements and compositions comprise virtually all the music performed and recorded by these outstanding groups, both of which are eclectic in their broad choice of musical styles.

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